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A Love Letter to Utopia

Utopia is more than a weekend music festival. Make connections that last a lifetime…

The queer community is an incredibly powerful force. When the world feels like it’s burning, the LGBTQ+ community sticks together and fights back. The community’s connection is unbreakable.

Over the past 30 years, queer people have banded together to rebuild and reclaim our spaces, uplift one another, and give power to community creatives to showcase their talents. We have fought not just to belong, but to lead by example, love, community, compassion and peace. There is magic in this collective.

Utopia embodies this magic. Hundreds of queer-identifying people from different backgrounds, countries, and cultures come together to unite in one space. We are connected under the same stars in the same universe as everyone else.

Utopia is so much more than a gay party and music festival. Utopia promotes connection, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual bonds with humans around you. The Utopia experience is unlike any other. These spaces empower you to feel like your idealized self: confident and welcomed by all. We invite you to liberate your mind, body, and soul from everything holding it back. The magic continues, but you’ll have to see it to believe it.